Do you want to join our team?

Do you have a vision for how sport, adventure sport, outdoor activities, movement, or work with the body can be used to drive: positive social change, gender equality, social inclusion, improved health and wellbeing, young peoples involvement in democracy, or environmental engagement?

Do you have a sense for how to bring your idea to life, the steps that you need to take and how the pieces will align to get your solution working? Do you know the partners and people required to make it happen? Have you already started taking steps to make to your idea a reality?  

Do you want to wake up each day and work on bringing your dream to life fulltime? 

Do you want to fulfil your potential and support others to do the same? 

Do you want to contribute towards transforming our world?

 If your answer to the above three is yes then we are looking for YOU!

We are looking for people who can take hands-on responsibility, solve problems, and meet challenges head on. We are looking for people to join our team who bring their unique talents and passion and an ability to balance independence with the spirit of sharing and collaboration.

Our offer is collaboration, advice, support and potential financing, either in part or in whole. Your end involves hard work, honesty, integrity, an openness to learn together with the full commitment of your time and attention to your idea. We bring our diverse experience and knowledge of available networks, resources, and people including the ability to facilitate partnerships and secure of financial resources above and beyond our own.

We have our office in Umeå, where you might already be based, or be keen to relocate to. You also might work from a distance elsewhere in Sweden, or even from another country. We are open to exploring any and all possibilities. 

We look forward to hearing about you and your vision!

Please write to us at and include recruitment in the subject of your email.  

Vi rekryterar utifrån kompetens och strävar efter ökad mångfald, lika rättigheter och mot diskriminering. Inför rekryteringsarbetet har vi tagit ställning till rekryteringskanaler och marknadsföring. Vi undanber oss därför kontakt med mediesäljare och rekryteringssajter.