Girls in Sport is supported by a passionate board with experience across professional sport, amateur sports associations, schools and academia.


sofia Eriksson 

Sofia comes from Lycksele and has always been interested in sports. She experimented with table tennis, downhill skiing, jujitsu, basketball and hockey but it was football that she stuck a little extra for. With a little talent and a great winning mentality she got the chance to play professional football at the elite level. In 2000 she moved to Umeå following an offer from Umeå IK and the same year the clubs big journey began! In 2004 she started a new journey within football as a trainer, including for Lycksele's mens team. "It's been fantastic to be a part of the development of women's football these years and so it is especially rewarding to get the chance to continue being part of progress through my work with Girls in Sport."




Kajsa comes from a non-sporting family and only came in contact with sport when she began to study as a physiotherapist. Since then she has taken up both football and ice hockey. Exposure to ice hockey's culture started a desire to change the sport to one that is more welcoming and accessible to girls as well as boys. This has led to an active involvement in boardrooms at both the club and district levels as well as a doctoral thesis. Kajsa now leads a research group studying women's ice hockey within the field of sports physiology. Her goal is to foster a better understanding of the links between values, opportunities and performance. "Opportunities within sport still differ too much for different groups and in general it is girls who are missing out, this is what Girls in Sport's work actively tries to correct and its rewarding to be part of that journey."

Alexandra Lejon

Alexandra is originally from Vilhelmina but now lives in Umeå where she works teaching Physical Education and Spanish. Her free time has always focused on movement, with team sports and outdoor activities taking a large focus. Alexandra has experience both of the boardroom and sports project implementation working with a focus both on sports association development and education. "It is so important that we broaden our perspectives and create new possibilities for more people to engage with sport, particularly providing greater opportunities for girls to learn about themselves, try new activities, and be inspired to be physically active. I am convinced that the work of Girls in Sports will contribute!"