We focus on action and creative solutions. We try new approaches, create new partnerships and collaborate across society to achieve our mission. 



We work to increase the participation and the retention of girls and women in sports and outdoor adventure, as well as to bring more women and girls into decision-making and leadership roles at all levels. We implement new approaches, develop new partnerships and collaborate across society to build a Swedish sports culture that is fully open to, and co-created by girls and women.


We work as project partners and facilitators offering inspiration, enthusiasm and practical help with project or method development within specific sports or organisations. We contribute our knowledge, practical experience, and our passion for positive solutions in a way that is useful and relevant to those we work with. We focus on action but we also look at the bigger picture and for opportunities to engage others in a conversation around gender, sport and society. 

Our values

Passion. We are passionate about what we do. We aim to inspire others with our efforts and build community through our work. We celebrate successes, ours and others.

Creativity. We value innovative thinking in order to discover new solutions. We challenge prevailing norms and assumptions when needed and offer new ideas in a constructive way encouraging others to explore with us. 

Collaboration. We share information openly and proactively and while we play a unique role in achieving our mission we believe that we can accomplish much more by partnering with others. We bring a positive attitude, new ideas and a willingness to learn together.

Action. We do not just want to highlight the problem, we want to solve it. Where we see a need and an opportunity, we find a way to make change happen.